Turn Key Packaging System Solutions

Charles Downer & Co. is a proud member of the consumer packaged goods industry. Our well-established network of clients and manufacturing partners is a source of strength for our business.  We are truly excited to be a part of this network.

We partner with the industry's leading process and packaging machine manufactures, using our expertise to design and implement innovative turn key packaging system solutions for your production floor. We help our clients create specialized packaging solutions for the specific production needs.  Our expertise in implementing process and packaging systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries has drawn some of the largest companies in consumer packaged goods to work with us.

With an experienced and dedicated team of sales and support professionals, our customers can be sure Charles Downer will work to nurture and build our relationship, both during the sales cycle and into our after sales service program.

Contact one of our representatives today to learn how we can bring our expertise, experience, and dedication to creating innovative packaging systems to work for your business.

Our Partners 

For a complete list of our manufacturing partners, please visit our Partners Page.


Doy Zip Packaging Machines

Bosch SVE 2520 Doy Zip Packaging MachineDoy Zip will lift your brand to new heights! With an attractive shape, glossy finish and high quality design, Doy Zip packaging enhances your products’ shelf appeal and excites consumers. Bosch’s SVE 2520 DZ offers premium quality with maximum production speed and efficiency.



Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink wrap machine for industrial packaging

We are proud to retail Zambelli machinery; the best shrink-wrap packaging machines in the business. With a variety of applications, including trays, cases, and shrink-bundling, Zambelli machines always produce the highest quality retail ready packaging.


Flow Wrapping Machines

TTM toploader horizontal flow wrapping machine

We carry a variety of Bosch flow wrapping equipment.  With a range of output speeds, package sizes, and packaging materials, you will find the equipment that’s right for your needs. Our Bosch flow wrapping machines are fast and efficient, yet gentle enough to handle fresh produce, soft products, pharmaceuticals, multi-packs, and meat and dairy products.


Frozen Food Packaging

SVC 4020 Frozen Food Packager

Charles Downer retails high-end frozen food packaging machines from Bosch. The SVC vertical form-fill-seal packaging machine is perfect for sealing frozen foods in pillow bags. Its design is simple and versatile, and is easy to clean and maintain.



Contact Us Today 

Charles Downer and Co. carries the industry’s best commercial packaging equipment brands. We offer a range of innovative packaging solutions to meet the needs of food, non-food, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Contact us today to speak with one of our sales associates about the packaging system that’s right for your business.