Spring 2013 Newsletter

May 2013

New Sustainable Packaging Designs Result in Significant Cost Savings

Whether eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable or natural, companies today are looking for new and cost efficient ways to “go green” with their product packaging.

Retailers are pushing their suppliers to utilize sustainable solutions and regulations are increasing and tightening - particularly in the food industry. At the consumer level, the influence of sustainability on the purchasing decision is still small. But consumers have become more critical of their product choices based on the perceived “greenness” of the packaging design.

At Charles Downer & Co., we have been working with our customers to find the right balance between sustainability, cost effectiveness and automation. I’d like to share some of the innovations in packaging designs that have recently been introduced to the market and produced on the packaging equipment we provide.



Featured Technology: Sustainable Packaging 

In this newsletter, I’ll be looking at the benefits of retail ready packaging, using labels instead of cartons and ultrasonic sealing.


Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)

RRP schematicRetail Ready Packaging (RRP) is a high growth niche in the packaging market and, according to Pira International Research, its demand is expected to increase approximately 70% by 2016.

Although these systems are made from corrugated board, solid fibreboard or rigid plastic, RRP’s ability to reduce the amount of handling and save on the need for additional packaging materials while providing easy access to consumers makes it stand apart from other packaging solutions.

Many of our customers appreciate these savings. As an example, Walmart has told us that the Bosch Packaging RRP Pack provides them with a 36% cost savings from material alone.

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Product Labels Instead of Cartons

labelsA multipacker offers suppliers with a cost competitive bundling system for their products. Individual packages still provide consumers with the familiar consumer-friendly separation of individual products however, labels are used to bundle the packages where boxes might have been used in the past.

The results are that packaging materials are significantly reduced while a higher degree of flexibility for changeover is granted to the manufacturer. This is a result of the process not requiring a changeover of system parts and materials due to different sizes of the product. Changes now become a simple exchange of labels.

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Ultra Sonic - The Next Generation of Sealing

ultrasonicUltrasonic sealing technology works without heat-sealing devices. It avoids heat related damage to the product and ensures product security during the packaging process. In addition to the product and process security, ultrasonic sealing leads to noticeable economical benefits to the customer.

Costs for packaging materials can be reduced as a result of smaller sealing seams and less material complexity. Lower energy consumption supports the overall packaging sustainability.


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