Horizontal Flow-Wrapping


TTM toploader horizontal flow wrapping  

Taking Splicing to the Next Level

Bosch’s new horizontal flow-wrapping machines (HRM) utilize the company’s groundbreaking high speed splicing technology to achieve optimal package quality and operational efficiency. Automated precision splicing can be achieved at speeds up to 150 meters/min. 

Driven by the demand for increased efficiency in high-speed packaging, technological innovation with flow-wrapping machines continues to advance at an unprecedented pace. A recent advance is automatic splicing, a technology made possible by the application of Bosch’s high performance splicing (HPS) unit to its new Sigpack HRM horizontal flow wrapper. This innovation allows seamless splicing, improves line efficiency and reduces wastage.

Key Benefits

  • Faster cycle time
  • Less operator failure due to: 
    • Film preparation
    • Film placement
    • Registered film placement
    • Splice speed differential
  • Higher splice efficiency
  • Seamless splicing
  • Independent of method for taping film to the end of the core
  • No leading overlap of loose film
  • Minimal film overlap
  • Waste reduction


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