Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (VFFS)


SVE vertical form seal machine












Flexible and Adaptable

Bosch Packaging Technology offers a wide range of vertical form fill seal machines to suit your needs. Fast, repeatable changeovers between bag sizes and styles offer you the flexibility to run multiple products on a single machine or to adapt to changing market demands. 

Bosch's proven film handling and sealing technology combined with multiple reclosure options and opening aids produces packages of superior quality that help distinguish products at the point of sale.

The Bosch SVE 2510 AB is a continuous motion vertical form/fill/seal bagger. Providing high performance packaging, the SVE 2510 AB fills up to 180 bags per minute. The film is continuously and precisely fed from the roll by the vacuum supported indexing system without friction. At the same time, a strong, minimal overlapping, longitudinal seal is formed. As the film advances, the cross seal jaw creates the top and bottom seals to separate the bag for discharge. 

Available bag styles: pillow, gusseted and flat/block bottom.


Key Benefits

  • Twice the output of equivalent machines
  • Compact footprint
  • Forming tubes at the industry standard of 32" centers
  • Controls allow simultaneous and independent running of two different package sizes at different speeds
  • System change-over time of less than 5 minutes -- guaranteed
  • Output of up to 400 bags per minute


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