The Bosch Contiline

contiline bar production machine schematic

Bosch Bar Production Technology - The Bosch Contiline

Bosch’s Packaging Technology Division is, in our minds, the undisputed innovator in the packaging equipment field. Their Bar Production Technology team recognized the growing worldwide market for confectionary, cereal and muesli bars and has developed the Bosch Contiline to address the production difficulties associated with these sweet, sticky bars.

As always, the Bosch machines and related systems represent the highest technical standards, flexibility and efficiency. They can be inherently adapted to individual customer needs as well as specific market requirements.

The Bosch Contiline provides bar makers with leading bar production capabilities. The technology is progressive and state-of-the-art and, it allows producers to realize incredibly quick mass and product changes. Stable production and the newest hygienic standards insure the highest quality of the final product. The machines are extremely reliable and provide great flexibility for effective operation.

As always, from the beginning of a project, Bosch works with the team at Charles Downer & Co. to offer our customers comprehensive technological support and the most competent consultation.


Key Benefits

  • Wide variety of applications possible from soft-boiled candy masses, aerated foams to cereal mixtures with decoration systems
  • Single source solution to handle complete production run
  • Continual running
    • Heavily soiled machine parts can be cleaned during running production
    • Consistent bar quality
    • The line speed of all of the Contiline’s assemblies can be changed within seconds to address malfunctions or smaller production issues.
  • Precise cooking and ideal recipe handling with the Bosch Contiline cooker
  • Mixer gently blends ingredients without destroying its structure
  • Pressure free and gentle bar forming prevents structural changes to the mass
  • Precise and efficient cooling and temperature control with insulation hoods free from thermal bridges
  • Longitudinal cutting of the slab is precise and offers a cleaning device for the confiner system and circular cutter
  • Cleaning or adjusting of cutter units can be performed without tools using the “Quick release” function
  • The fanning-out system prevents re-sticking and provides optimal product separation
  • Accurate cross-cutting and various types of enrobing are possible


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