Depositor Machine

RRP Depositor Machine

Imaforni Baking Equipment – The Depositor Machine

Imaforni is a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial baking equipment. Their range of product offerings includes mixers, dough feeding systems, formers, ovens, post-oven systems and auxiliary equipment.

Imaforni’s equipment is used to produce hard sweet biscuits and crackers, softdough cookies, muffins, layer cakes and swiss rolls.

Biscuits such as the ubiquitous Danish butter cookies are made using the Imaforni Depositor machine. It has been designed to handle a wide range of dough types and recipes for a variety of customer needs and is the world leader in processing very soft dough.

Although the depositor machine is designed to handle a variety of dough consistencies, it works particularly well with the difficult to process softer doughs that are rich in margarine, oils or butter.

The depositor is positioned directly over the steel band at the entrance of the oven or over a separate conveyor. The head of the machine consists of a pair of grooved rollers that evenly feed the dough to a set of dosing pumps positioned beneath it. The “one-pump-one nozzle” concept ensures uniformity of weight across the width.

The head cycles by first lowering itself, then follows the band movement while depositing the dough. It then lifts the head to cut the tail and finally it returns to its starting position. In order to improve control while cutting the tail, the pumpset slightly reverses its movement to increase the “tail cut” effect.


Key Benefits

  • High speed of up to 250 strokes per minute
  • Working width from 1.000mm to 1.500 mm
  • All movements of the head are driven by independent motors positioned away from the sides of the unit
  • No shafts or cams drive any movements
    • Allows all possible adjustments from the touch-screen operator interface panel with its built-in recipe storage
  • Wide range of dough types can be handled easily
  • Fast production changeover
    • The entire unit can be dismantled for cleaning purposes or for changing over production without the use of any kind of tool