Kliklok Integrated TopLoader


Kliklok Enterprise

The Kliklok Enterprise features the fastest rotary carton feeder in the industry, and can package a wide variety of foods: frozen entrees, waffles, meats, pies, cakes, etc., at speeds up to 325 cartons per minute. It is designed to accommodate an optional overhead confiner for bag-in-box applications. Its modular design allows a variety of product conveying systems, including an article bucket infeed. The Enterprise was designed with centerlining capabilities for “set it and forget it” predictable and consistent performance. Product and equipment changeovers are faster, and both unplanned downtime and material waste are reduced.

Key Benefits

  • Modular, flexible-configuration IP65 frame
  • Fastest rotary carton feeder available
  • Easy operation with Insight® touchscreen HMI
  • Centerline design for maximum uptime
  • Barrel cam inserter with gentle insertion angle


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