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Ultrasonic - The Next Generation of Sealing 

Ultrasonic sealing technology works without heat-sealing devices. It avoids heat related damage to the product and ensures product security during the packaging process. In addition to the product and process security, ultrasonic sealing leads to noticeable economical benefits to the customer.

Ideal for food, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries where heat-sensitive products are common, ultrasonic sealing is an energy saving, quality enhancing alternative to heat sealing that serves to reduce production costs.  Customers can adopt this sealing method without increasing a machine's footprint. 

Ultrasonic sealing can be used to seal through a number of even difficult to seal products such as lettuce that often prevent heat seals from being air-tight.

The main reasons for using ultrasonic sealing include the following:

1.    Reduced energy costs


Since sealing jaws do not need to be preheated and film is only heated in the precise sealing area, machines equipped with ultrasonic sealing capabilities use less energy than traditional heat-sealing equipped machines.  Instead of using heat, this method joins thermoplastic materials together by emitting high frequency vibrations, creating a tight, strong seam for vertical bag types, such as doy, block bottom, gusseted and pillow bags.

2.    Less material costs and waste


Machines equipped with ultrasonic sealing can often use more cost-effective film, and require thinner seams, saving material.  They also can reduce waste by eliminating the threat of contamination in the bag’s sealing area.  With ultrasonic sealing, high frequency vibrations disperse product contamination away from the seal area to ensure a reliable seal. 

3.    Increased machine uptime and efficiencies


Machine uptime is maximized as cleaning and product rejects are minimized, avoiding the need for additional manpower for sorting unsealed bags.  Heat sealing systems by their nature, often require intensive cleaning as the product tends to melt and accumulate in the sealing zone.  Machines equipped with ultrasonic sealing reduce product loss and machine efficiencies caused by heat-related product damage. And, they allow products to maintain their quality even during machine stoppages.  They also eliminate the problem of film sticking to hot sealing jaws and the potential for burn injuries, making the machines more operator friendly.


Key Benefits


  • Saving of packaging material (shorter fins and less thickness)
  • Higher product safety due to elimination of heating mechanical parts
  • Easy cleaning of the sealing jaws and surrounding area
  • Unlimited sealing window (ramp function from 0 up to 100%)
  • Less waste and downtime (start/stop rejects, less start-up time)
  • Replacement of partially allergen cold sealing films
  • Sustainability due to less film, shorter seams, thinner film, less energy consumption



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